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Here’s Why you Need Automated Curtain Control

Curtains are one of the essentials when it comes to blending your home with opulence and aesthetics. Besides protection from the external environment, they add a personality to the home. However, automated curtain control in homes often raises a lot of skepticism from homeowners as its value may seem trivial. In contrast, motorized smart curtains certainly qualify as a
“smart” investment with loads of benefits.
Here’s why you need automated curtains:

Eliminate the Manual Effort

One can imagine the annoyance of leaving the curtains open while leaving home. Or the worst scenario, on top of this, would be leaving the curtains open until you wake up to the glaring sunlight directed right at your eyes. With an automatic curtain system, you don’t have to wake up to the terror of early morning sunbeams. Stating the obvious, automated curtains can be effortlessly controlled with a single touch on a smartphone. With Messung’s Smart Curtain Control, eliminate manual efforts for utmost comfort and,
above all, control the real-time status of curtains from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the motorised curtains can also be set to a timer to ensure that they remain closed at the right time of the day.

Privacy and Comfort

It’s a non-negotiable deal with curtains when it comes to privacy. Automated curtain control takes the primary purpose of curtains a step ahead. The integrated KNX technology allows timer functionality that regulates the opening and closing of curtains according to the different times of the day. For instance, in a fully automated home with motorised shades, lighting control, air conditioning, and lux/luminosity sensors, the curtain control can be programmed to work with the time of day and direction of the sun with respect
to where the window is faced. It allows synchronized scenes where the curtain remains open or closed, and accordingly, the room lighting and climate are modulated, ensuring optimum comfort for the user. This certainly adds value to several spaces, especially in a workplace environment, and can be effortlessly enabled or disabled by the user.

Protection from Sun Damage

The UV rays from the sun can significantly damage furniture and flooring. It can fade bright colors over time and also cause damage to wood, sometimes causing permanent discoloration. With Messung’s Smart Curtain Control, effortlessly control the curtain timings and protect your valuables from harmful sun rays. It offers a convenient solution for homeowners with multiple windows at home, especially those in inaccessible areas.

Save Energy

As skeptical as it sounds, motorized curtains can certainly impact energy consumption. The fact is oblivious to many space owners that natural light (of course, at a specific time of the day like early morning or late evening) can replace the fluorescent lights inside. Smart curtain control regulates the natural light and temperature inside, avoiding unnecessary usage of lights and heaters (in the case of winter).

Final Words

Motorized Curtain Controls are a smart and elegant way to enhance the efficiency of any space. With centralized control on the smartphone, Messung Smart Curtain Control offers several practical benefits that add value to the overall home automation solutions.