Messung Smart


The Conversation

“Every home automation project is different because every home is different. The priorities change based on the personalities that reside in the house. Some want peculiar functionalities, some are interested in the interaction between devices, and some want to play with design. This project was undoubtedly one where it was all about design, design, and design.”
From the first interaction to the last, elaborate discussions were held on every minute detail, from the functionality to appearance to operations. Our partners, IFS, met with the reputed international architecture agency Benoy & RSP to discuss the various facets of the project and understand the aesthetic inclination and overall characteristics of the property. It was, in a true sense, a hand-crafted project where all elements were bespoke and all spaces personalized.

The Mandate

The client wanted all the basic functionalities like lights, climate, and shutter on automation. The emphasis was on design to make it look remarkable, rich, and personalized. Alexa integration was also required.

Building the experience

It was a luxurious apartment nestled on the 17th floor of the 30 storey “One Bangalore West.” You get the sense of attention to detail and splendor from the entrance itself. The main doors were bespoke, and every element was thoughtfully designed and incorporated. The chandeliers were made to order. The cabinet encompassing the flat screen was handmade. So should the keypads be any less customized? Definitely not.
This project is a perfect example of the true flexibility of our touch keypads. In every project, we mention the customizable property of our devices—that customers can play with their appearances (and functionality). While there are requests to change the colors and replace some icons, only a few go far enough to extract their true potential. In this project, close attention was paid to which keypads were used, where, and how they looked. It resulted in the implementation of a wide range of keypads as some areas needed only four buttons; some needed layered control from lights to fans to AC. Some keypads must have displays; others needn’t. Every background design was specially made, the icons were measured in size and distance. The functionality of each button is defined to the nth degree.
“Small details like the keypad size, horizontal or vertical placement, icon choice, or even the choice between icons or no icons can affect the room’s mood. That’s why we emphasize aesthetics in every project and invite participation. It might not look like a big thing, but that’s the beauty of small details; you don’t realize their impact until you see the result.”
Along with the keypads and their appearance, our teams worked on defining the controls and scenes. Like with other details, this too starts from the entrance. Yale door locks were implemented on the main door to provide a door lock/unlock feature over the smartphone. It allowed remote supervision and control, saving the residents from worrying about waiting for the maid to come before leaving the house. Now, owners can allow entry to the maid from anywhere with just one click and check the lock when the maid leaves. And when needed, look over the home using their smartphone and remotely close the windows, lights, AC, and fans. They also get notifications if there is a gas leak or an attempt for intrusion.
DALI lights were used with a dimmer, and a seamless slider was incorporated into the keypads for control. The same was available on the smartphone app. Fan controller actuators were installed for a more efficient and long-lasting fan control experience. Five-speed controls were provided for ceiling fans. Having the actuators allowed us to integrate fans into various scenes. Air conditioning control was also brought on our touch keypads. When the AC icon is pressed, the keypad sends a command to the AC and assesses whether the command is received or not. It then updates its information to show the exact temperature, fan mode, heat, or cool—far more than a remote is capable of doing.
All these functionalities were also integrated into Alexa. Various commands were preset to allow Alexa to turn on the different scenes, control lighting, climate, and curtains, and make operations hands- and stress-free.

The Result

It turned out to be a truly tailor-made project where everyone, including our partners, client, and architects, worked painstakingly to create the perfect home—and they did