AC Control

Air conditioners are essential for every home. A home ideally will utilize one fan and one AC in every room. The more air conditioning units there are, the more remote controls you have to manage around the house. Not just that, if you press the button of the AC remote while not facing the AC unit, you have essentially messed up the whole process.

Now you don’t know whether the AC is set at 24 degrees or 26, whether it’s set to fan mode or heat or cool. This is because the remote is communicating through IR (infrared) and is only designed to send a command. It is not made to assess whether or not the command was received or not by the Air Conditioning unit.

Messung Climate Control modules for Split ACs or VRV systems are specially designed for popular brands. From Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG, Toshiba, etc. We offer 2-way communication for most air conditioning brands. Even our solution over Infrared is more efficient than regular remotes as it's not reliant on line of sight. The command given through the App or the KNX switch, feeds the command to the IR device at the AC point. We eliminate the need for the remote by providing all the requisite controls on the front-end device or over the application.

Ceiling Fan Control

Ceiling fan control in India means 5 speeds from slow at 1 to very fast at 5 with variations in speed in between. Messung doesn’t just offer ceiling fan on or off. We offer all 5 speeds without any noise or humming from the fan. Our fan controller actuator can control up to 4 fans in a home (More fans, we can add more controllers), offering 5-speed control. Not only does this eliminate the inefficient dimmer module (seen in most homes) that invariably stops working properly, causing speed 2 to feel like speed 5, it also can be programmed into scenes for added convenience.

Imagine, your maid has cleaned a room and wants the floor to dry. The icons and buttons on the capacitive touch panel may be confusing for her. Why not program a ‘maid scene’ to ensure that not only the fan in one particular room turns on, but all the fans in the home switch on at a preset speed to dry the floor? This way, whether it’s a regular apartment or a big Bungalow, all the maid needs to do is press one button to get her job done.


  • With Messung smart home automation, you can control the climate remotely with your smartphone or tablet.

  • Save energy with sensor-based functionalities modulating the climate.

  • Check air quality and control humidity levels.

  • Create scenes for different times of the day or season.

  • Voice-control climate, just say—"it's too cold" or "make it cozy" or any of your preset messages over Alexa®/Google Home® device.