Music is enjoyed by many people, and there is music for every mood and every aspect of daily life. At Messung, we offer multi-room zonal audio solutions to ensure that if a customer wants music in every room, they don’t have to rely on the speakers of their phone to satisfy them. We recommend customers install speakers in the important rooms of their homes. We set them up as zones. We keep a Bluetooth interface in place for users to sync their phones over Bluetooth. And if they have an audio server, we sync the Server as well.

We even connect the voice assistant device over AUX to the speaker of that room. Thus creating multiple sources of music on one audio amplifier. Now the user of the home is free to enjoy the music of their choice individually in their respective rooms/zones. And if there is a party or gathering and the speakers need to play the same source, they can even do that. We design a user friendly and easy to navigate Interface page on the touch panel for Multi-Room Audio Control.


  • Play different songs in different rooms and instantly convert it into a party scene playing the same music across the house.

  • Play songs, regulate the volume, and control lights with one click.

  • With a user-friendly interface, see which audio systems are active, which songs they're playing, at what volume, control the settings, and more.

  • Access the music libraries of iTunes, Spotify, and other services, make playlists, and listen to your favorite music effortlessly.

  • Play music from any device across the house—your smartphone, touchpads, universal remote, and even from your guests' smartphones.